Rolgraf is a company with a long-standing tradition, competent and experienced staff and first-rate technical resources. We produce high-quality finished printed products with a large added value component. Our refined work and production processes enable us to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. Regular investments allow us to maintain high levels of quality and at the same time produce environmentally friendly printed materials for our demanding customers in the pharmaceutical, nutrition and cosmetics industry, as well as services.



Self-adhesive labels are produced in sizes up to 230 mm width and 225 mm length. Our technological resources allow us to print on a variety of surfaces and materials (paper, silicone, etc.) with the added possibility of varnishing the surface.

We also produce booklet labels (pharma booklets, Extended Content Labels) – self-adhesive labels with a folded instruction leaflet, covered with a transparent polypropylene foil. Label printing can be carried out with digital or letterpress technology, which can be combined to meet the individual needs of our customers.


We specialize in the production of pharmaceutical instruction leaflets, printed on special, very thin paper (40, 50 or 60 g). Our technical resources enable us to produce large quantities in one or more colors with additional varnishing options in sizes from B3 to B1. Leaflets can also be folded according to customer specifications. We also offer printed instructions folded into outserts (folded-glued), which can be affixed to a bottle or other packaging of the finished product. Outserts are particularly appropriate for optimizing the size of the instruction leaflet, especially in the case of new market demands and changes in legal requirements. This saves our customers from dealing with long-lasting registration procedures.


Rolgraf has all the necessary technology to produce a whole range of secondary packaging materials, including booklets.

Our knowledge and experience, gained by fulfilling the needs of our customers, enable us to produce various carton packaging products.

Small or large series can include braille writing, varnishing and other finishes to meet our customer’s needs.



The printing house ROLGRAF is a company with tradition, developed using the knowledge and experience of the Mrak family. The company started out in 1967 as a reproduction workshop called OFSET. At the start of the new millennium the leadership of the company passed to the son of the original founder, Aleksander Mrak, who directed the company passed in

a period of intensive development. Today ROLGRAF owns top-of-the-line offset and digital printing machines, enabling us to produce the most demanding printed materials, as well as machines for completing various graphic products. Our successful cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry has lasted for decades. The current market situation

requires responsiveness, customization and quality without compromises. To respond to such market demands, our company is committed to optimizing the organization, while special attention is devoted to flexibility, management of production process and providing constant and controlled quality.



Our vision is to become the specialized and strategic provider of printed materials in the pharmaceutical, nutritional and cosmetics industry, while upholding the values of a socially responsible company. We offer our business partners cooperation based on development, constant and controlled quality, and extensive experience, which form the backbone of our unique selling proposition.


Our mission is to increase the awareness of the value of printing industry in the area of supply chain management for our target industry segments. We are achieving this with high quality standards, reliability and expert staff. We are focused on meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers. Long-term investments in technological solutions and constant improvements in our and our partner’s business processes enable us to pursue this mission.


Our values encompass our business partners, our employees, our society and our environment. By being a responsible company, we can achieve successful long-term cooperation with our business partners and employees. In every aspect of our work we respect business and ethics principles of today’s market economy.



Quality represents the backbone of successful cooperation with our business partners from pharmaceutical, nutritional and cosmetics industry. It has been our main priority since the year 2000, when we implemented the ISO 9001 quality standard into our entire business and production processes. The standard is successfully maintained and improved constantly. The needs of our business partners dictate the growth of our production facilities and the optimization of our production processes. We follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in order to offer our business partners constant and recurring quality of the finished product and complying with agreed delivery times.


Quality is measured independently from the production processes through input, process and output control.

Our quality control systems encompass: input material quality is controlled by constantly monitoring of our preferred suppliers, control at determined points in the production process combined with sampling during and at the end of production, electronic control of finished packaging materials by comparing with the incoming customer PDF fileand corrective and preventive measures to ensure constant improvement and minimal variability (CAPA).


We use modern equipment to control the quality and monitor the production process of packaging:
PIXELPROOF – compares the finished product with incoming customer PDF, monitors content, text, bar codes (INSTRUCTION LEAFLET program);
BRAILLE PROOF – controls and confirms the presence of Braille print, controls binary codes (BOOKLET program);
BAR CODE READER – generates and reads bar codes (QR, Pharma, EAN, etc.) in the completion phase of packaging;
SPECTROEYE – measures color coverage using Spectrodenzimeters (XRITE);
FLY VISION – 100% control of labels on a roll by using a camera to compare with incoming customer PDF.



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